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Along with DePaul University, the College of Law is pleased to welcome employees in the EdAssist network. When you choose DePaul Law, you are choosing a program that is committed to the highest standards of academic quality. Through our corporate educational partnership with EdAssist, you are eligible for a 10 percent discount* on tuition toward a law degree.

You can choose to apply to three separate law degree programs, each designed for a different professional objective:

  • Juris Doctor (JD)
    The JD is the general law degree for those who have earned a baccalaureate degree and are interested in taking the Bar exam and becoming a licensed attorney.


  • Master of Legal Studies (MLS)
    The MLS is a specialized master’s degree for those who have earned a baccalaureate degree and seek a specialized understanding in a specific area of law to advance or enhance their current career.


  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)
    The LL.M. is a universally-recognized advanced law degree for those who have earned their primary law degree (JD, LL.B. or Bachelors of Law) and seek to further specialize in their practice or study of law.


  • * If you are employed by an EdAssist partner, you must email with your EdAssist employer within 24 hours after submission of your application with the subject line “EdAssist Partner Applicant” including the program – JD, MJ or LL.M. – for which you su​bmitted an application.