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Visiting Artists Series

​The Visiting Artist Series brings actors, directors, writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, and other artists to the College of Law to discuss the issues facing them as working artists. The Visiting Artists share their perspectives on the legal problems they encounter in their profession, including copyright, contract issues, agency, and moral rights.

Previous Visiting Artists

Jonathan Wolff (2017)
Acclaimed musician/composer/songwriter Jonathan Wolff created the music for 75 primetime network TV series, as well as the themes for 44 of those series - including Seinfeld and Will & Grace. Jonathan Wolff offered practical music business model do's-and-don'ts, along with real world entrepreneurial career need-to-know and how-to-get-hired advice. For more information, visit the website​​.

Hank Neuberger (2013)
Visiting Artist Hank Neuberger spoke about his experiences as a long-time music producer in a highly competitive field. A Grammy winner himself, Mr. Neuberger has been the Supervisor of Broadcast Audio for the annual Grammy Awards telecast for twenty-five years. He has also produced numerous live multi-channel Music Festival Webcasts as well as CDs, DVDs, and broadcasts of the performances of top artists, including Lady Antebellum and The Million Dollar Quartet cast. Mr. Neuberger discussed the rights issues and challenges connected to his Festival Webcasting along with other legal issues that he has faced as a working producer.

Reginald Lawrence (2012)
Reginald Lawrence discussed the legal issues that he faced in his multi-dimensional career as a playwright, producer, director, and arts educator. He focused on the life cycle of a theatrical production from dealing with authors to hiring actors, directors, and crew to mounting the finished production. He shared his perspective on legal questions related to collaboration, intellectual property, and production credit.

Brian Dennehy (2010)
Brian Dennehy discussed the impact of the law and legal representation on his career as an internationally renowned stage, movie, and television actor with Professor Margit Livingston.

Bernard Maisner (2010)
Bernard Maisner - internationally renowned artist, calligrapher and fine stationer,- discussed legal issues impacting him as an artist and small businessman with Professor Margit Livingston.

Frank Catalano (2009)
In 2009, one of the leading saxophone players of his time, Frank Catalano, along with attorney Gregg Gansmann and College of Law professors Ben Alba and Margit Livingston, gave a lunchtime presentation focusing on the attorney-artist relationship, as well as the legal issues Catalano has faced while building his music career.

Zach Helm (2008)
Zach Helm, a graduate of The Theatre School at DePaul University, as well as an acclaimed film writer and director. He discussed the recent screenwriters' strike with Professors Alan Salzenstein and Margit Livingston.

Austin Pendleton (2007)
Austin Pendleton with entertainment law attorney and DePaul alum, Todd Musburger and Professor Margit Livingston gave a presentation focusing on copyright protection for a director's staging of a play. The panel discussed this topic along with other the legal issues facing actors and directors.

Jeff Perry (2006)
Jeff Perry spoke on his multi-faceted career as an actor, director, producer and teacher, and some of the legal issues facing him as a celebrity and as the developer of new properties for stage, screen, and television. For more information, click here.​