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Co-Curricular Opportunities

DePaul Law offers CIPLIT® students a myriad of hands-on opportunities to enhance their IP/IT studies, including externships, clinics, journals, and other extracurricular activities.

1871 and 2112 Collaborations

As part of DePaul University’s collaboration with 1871 and 2112 — Chicago’s prestigious entrepreneurial technology and creative arts hubs — DePaul law students have access to programming, special events, workshops, lectures and networking opportunities with industry leaders. CIPLIT students can take the course "Entrepreneurship, Innovation & The Law at 1871," taught by Professor Anthony Volini. This holistic learning experience allows students to perform legal research connected with 1871 presentations they attend that address the business, technological, and legal issues facing innovators today.

Intellectual Property Law Society

The student-led Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) puts DePaul students in touch with the IP legal community through mentoring opportunities and by hosting events with IP professionals. The IPLS works closely with CIPLIT® to offer DePaul students numerous chances to learn about the evolving landscape of IP law. Visit the DePaul IPLS Facebook page for more information.

IP Theory and Practice

Every spring, CIPLIT® runs the “An Introduction to IP Theory and Practice” series for all first-year students interested in IP. This skills series consists of a six-week set of lectures designed to acquaint first year students with substantive content and elements of practice in the various areas of IP law. This program is unique to CIPLIT® and designed to provide our students with an IP background that better prepares them for the job market and the more advanced IP courses in our curriculum. These lectures are taught by both full-time CIPLIT® faculty and experienced IP attorneys. Students who successfully complete all six lectures will receive a Certificate of Completion, which can be included on their resumes.

DePaul Journal of Art, Technology & Intellectual Property Law

The DePaul Journal of Art, Technology & Intellectual Property Law (JATIP) is a student-edited national law journal established by the DePaul University College of Law in 1991. Published biannually, JATIP reviews developing legal and policy issues in the fields of art, technology and intellectual property law. Students who are interested in a staff writing position should either apply through the annual write-on competition, or through an open call should one occur. Click here to read past issues.

DePaul Journal of Sports Law

The problems that affect sports are the same ones that affect people in their everyday lives, from labor agreements to discrimination. The DePaul Journal of Sports Law is a student-produced journal that explores these critical issues with articles written by professionals and students. The journal also organizes and presents an annual symposium that addresses the most pertinent issues facing sports. Students who have completed their first year of law school in good academic standing are invited to join the Journal's editorial staff through a write-on competition. Click here to read past issues.

Art & Cultural Heritage Law Society

The goal of the Art & Cultural Heritage Law Society (ACHLS) is to put DePaul students in touch with legal professionals whose practice areas affect museums, the art market, contemporary artists and cultural heritage. The society accomplishes this objective by providing student mentoring, hosting networking events at DePaul and in the greater Chicago community, and arranging guest speakers. Additionally, the society works closely with professional organizations in order to offer DePaul students the chance to learn about the evolving and diverse legal landscape of art and cultural heritage law, and it strives to provide practical opportunities for students within their chosen career field.