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About the Center for Animal Law

​​​The Center for Animal Law was established in April 2002 through a gift from Dr. Florence Wissig Dunbar (JD '45). Recognizing that animals are defenseless and in need of compassion and protection, the Center's Dunbar Program supports law students and lawyers in the field of animal law, in addition to sponsoring the training and education of humane investigators, animal welfare advocates and others working in the animal protection field. ​​​

Mission and Vision

Animal law is a rapidly expanding legal field focused on advancing the interests of animals through the legal system and ensuring the recognition of our legal and ethical obligations towards animals. The Center for Animal Law seeks to advance the study and practice of animal law by providing educational and networking opportunities to students, lawyers and other parties who are interested in promoting the humane treatment of animals. As an independent organization, the Center serves as an important resource for scholarship related to animal law and remains dedicated to educating the next generation of leaders who will shape animal welfare policy.​