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Diversity Plan

​In Spring 2018, the Dean assembled a Diversity Council with a specific charge to carefully consider and recommend ways that the College of Law could build on its efforts in diversity, inclusion and equity–consistent with the goals for the strategic plan for the law school and university.  The membership of this Diversity Council included faculty, staff, alumni and students.

Diversity Plan​ was completed in early 2020.  The plan includes a number of general and specific recommendations intended to be used as a long-term blueprint for the College of Law and is built on five pillars:  accountability, admissions and recruitment, retention, communication/education, and resources.

Achieving the objectives of this plan is all our collective responsibility, led by the Dean’s Office; the Director of Diversity & Student Life; the student Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Committee; the faculty and staff Diversity, Inclusion & Community-Building Committee; and the alumni Diversity Council.

Notable Initiatives for Fall 2020 include:

  • Completing a student climate study;
  • Implementing a 1L mentoring program for affinity group students;
  • Providing full-time faculty members with training and resources to support integrating structural racism and other critical perspectives into their classrooms;
  • Requiring 1L students to attend a diversity, inclusion and equity professional development program as part of the Preparing to Practice (P2P) course, which included a program on implicit bias;
  • Providing additional funds for student technology support, mental health services and emergency assistance; and
  • Hosting a “Community Conversations” lecture series on racial justice and policing, COVID-19 and racial disparities, and voting rights.