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The 2020 Jaharis Symposium on Health Law and Intellectual Property

Jaharis Symposium

2020 Jaharis Symposium Brochure

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Join DePaul University, located in downtown Chicago, for The Jaharis Symposium on Health Law and Intellectual Property: Genetic Justice: Data, Privacy, and Crime.

Recent discoveries in the field of genetics herald immense innovation for medicine and science. But they also raise significant questions related to individual privacy, societal uses of the information, and applications in the criminal justice system. For example, how should genetic information be controlled to ensure individual privacy and informed consent for all? What are the individual and societal implications of forensic uses of genetic record matching? How else should genetic information be used within the criminal justice system? Can genomic research ever be truly inclusive and representative of the diversity of our population? This interdisciplinary symposium will address issues of distributive and procedural justice in genetics and genomics, as they relate to scientific innovation, intellectual property, human subjects research, and the criminal justice system.