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Academic Success Program (ASP)

The Academic Success Program (ASP) shows students how to develop the skills to excel in the first year of law school and beyond. As 1L students discover early on, law school is not merely an extension of undergraduate college. Law school introduces students to a very different way of learning, studying and even thinking. ASP helps students develop the skills to prepare effectively for law school classes, written assignments and exams. ASP also helps students learn to manage the new demands that the first-year experience places upon them.

ASP in the first year is designed to assist all 1L students, not just those who may be having difficulty. Few students intuitively possess the skills unique to law school success. Everyone will make mistakes, but ASP helps students avoid big mistakes early on. Just ask our Student Mentors, who attribute their academic success to attending ASP when they were 1L students.‚Äč