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Donald Hermann

  • Professor of Law and Philosophy
  • Full-time
  • (312) 362-8383
  • 829 O'Malley Place
Professor Hermann served as a United States Supreme Court Judicial Fellow during Chief Justice Burger's term, was appointed a Law & Humanities Fellow at Harvard University, and was a Law & Economics Fellow at the University of Chicago. He completed his doctoral studies in Philosophy at Northwestern University and postdoctoral study in art history, theory and criticism at the School of the Art Institute. Professor Hermann inaugurated the Health Law Institute in 1985, and his research focuses on health law, AIDS law, law and popular culture, and sexual orientation and the law.


AB, Stanford University; JD, Columbia University; LLM, Harvard University; MA and PhD, Northwestern University; MAAH, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; MLA, University of Chicago; MA, Catholic Theological Union

Courses Taught


  • Law & Popular Culture Seminar
  • Legal Aspects of AIDS
  • Legal Aspects of Medical Ethics
  • Medical Ethics & The Law
  • Sexuality
  • Sexual Orientation & the Law



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  • Books
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  • Book Reviews
  • Miscellaneous


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