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Jamie Kleppetsch

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  • Assistant Professor of Legal Practice

  • Full-time
  • ​Bar​ Passage

  • (312) 362-6274
  • ​316 LC

Jamie A. Kleppetsch is the Assistant Professor of Legal Practice​ and has been working in the bar passage field since 2008. Professor Kleppetsch teaches three courses that address analytical skills, practical legal writing skills and substantive review of subjects frequently tested on the bar examination. She has presented nationally on how to integrate academic support concepts into the doctrinal classroom, how to develop strong bar examination preparation programs, and identifying students “at-risk” of failing the bar examination and addressing their needs as they prepare for the bar examination. Professor Kleppetsch served on the Association of Academic Support Educators Executive Board from 2014 – 2018 and hosted their 2015 National Conference and 2019 Diversity Conference. Professor Kleppetsch serves as the Chair-Elect of the Association of American Law Schools Academic Support Section and will serve as Chair in 2020.​


JD, The John Marshall Law School​