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Khara Coleman

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    • LARC III

​​Khara Coleman is a skilled litigator with a real passion for strategy, analysis and problem-solving. A few years out of law school, she realized that she, fortunately, and unlike so many, enjoyed the practice of law. Unfortunately, all jobs in this field are not designed to continue to teach, train or challenge. Each of her career moves has been calculated to make sure that she continues to gain new legal skills–including obtaining first-chair trial and first-hand case management experience, in addition to experiences handling complex discovery, negotiation and briefing. In order to figure out whether she was any good at this, she had to see if she could make case-related decisions on her own. And it turned out that she liked the problem-solving nature of that part of litigation practice, too. 

Khara also is a writer–mostly legal writing, both work-related and legal analysis/explication just for kicks. As an avid reader and writer, she is somewhat obsessive about being able to accurately and effectively convey ideas using her beloved written word. (Really, she LOVES books and words.) She is skilled at editing and copyediting, both Blue Book style and the Chicago Manual of Style. 

For someone who tests as INTJ, she likes to boast that she also has rather decent (unlawyer-like) interpersonal skills! She prioritizes effective verbal communication, teamwork and relationship building. 

She actually LOVES being a lawyer/litigator, and hopes to continue to find new challenges within the practice of law for decades to come.