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Ron Kaminecki

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Ron Kaminecki is an adjunct professor at DePaul College of Law and the University of New Hampshire Law School. Previously, he was an adjunct professor for the Notre Dame MS in Patent Law program.  Over the past 20 years, he has lectured at Indiana University Bloomington, Concordia University, University of Texas at Austin, the Patent Academy (USPTO), and the University of Minnesota Law School, among others.

Kaminecki started his career searching information manually and in batch systems and then moved into online information databases, specializing in intellectual property.  He shared his knowledge of searching with researchers around the world through the development and delivery of various training sessions, presentations and publications. 

Kaminecki has presented many sessions on patent searching at meetings held by the American Chemical Society, Patent Information User's Group, IPI Confex, American Association of Law Librarians, Minnesota Continuing Legal Education Institute and the Special Libraries Association.  He also authored a chapter on trademark databases for the Practising Law Institute.  

Kaminecki's experience with information flow in patent work resulted in becoming a co-inventor of a patent entitled, “Document-centric workflow systems, methods, and software based on document contents, metadata, and content."   He also is a co-author of NISO Standard Z39.58, “Common Command Language for Online Interactive Information Retrieval." This Standard was eventually moved to an International Standard and renamed ISO 8777.

Kaminecki has been an expert witness in patent cases, has researched intellectual property and has advised management on patent acquisitions.  Currently, he is a director-at-large of the Patent Information User's Group and on a committee of the QPIP organization charged with a certificate program in patent searching.