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Elizabeth J. Vastine

  • Adjunct Professor
  • ​​


    • ​JD, Pennsylvania State University (Dickinson)
    • BA, University of Massachusetts (Amherst)

Since 1994, Elizabeth Vastine has been practicing in the field of conflict transformation as a restorative practitioner, facilitator, educator and mediator. She works with families, communities, organizations, systems and workplaces to improve communication, increase awareness and engage in meaningful and productive conversation based and guided by values. She focuses on creating spaces to break down barriers and explore fresh possibilities for deepening understanding, building trust and strengthening relationships. 

For two decades, Vastine has been committed to developing, implementing and supervising initiatives which offer restorative practices to support youth, families and communities throughout Cook County, Illinois. She has been educated and participated in many different restorative teachings and traditions and has facilitated at national and international conferences in Australia, Canada, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and around the United States. 

Vastine has authored and contributed to articles for family or collaborative law publications featuring a restorative pilot project in partnership with family court. Today, in addition to teaching and training, much of her time is dedicated to preparing for and sitting in circle with communities. For many years, Vastine has been an adjunct professor at DePaul College of Law and Dominican University. Her courses have included Restorative Practices, Juvenile Justice and Family Law.