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Alane Repa

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  • Adjunct Professor
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    • JD, DePaul University
    • MSN, Northern Illinois University
    • BSN, Loyola University​
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    • ​​Risk Management and Patient Safety​

Alane Repa joined DePaul University as an adjunct professor of law in 2016. She has over 25 years of experience in health care risk management at Resurrection Health Care and Presence Health. As a nurse and an attorney, her expertise includes risk management, claims management, contract management and insurance procurement. As system director of risk management, she has coordinated many multi-disciplinary teams, including implementation of the Dialog IMED informed consent documentation system for product evaluation, selection, and physician and staff education on the risks, benefits and alternatives of the surgical procedures, resulting in improved patient safety. She has conducted hundreds of continuing education programs for nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals, and she also has been asked to speak on risk management issues at both local and national professional conferences.

Repa is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management, a fellow of the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management, and she has received the Barton Certificate in Healthcare Risk Management. She is the author of “Informed Consent – Filling in the Blanks: Case History," which was published in the online journal Health Management Technology in 2009.