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Madrid, Spain

May 23 - June 14, 2022

DePaul University College of Law invites you to participate in an exciting summer law program in Madrid, Spain. Over the past 20 years, Spain has become one of the most prosperous and advanced member states of the European Union. Its capital city of Madrid is one of Europe’s most vibrant and stylish cities combining the cultural and historical grandeur of Spain’s medieval and imperial past with some of the most exciting modern architecture, museums and nightlife in the European Union. Spain’s beautiful cities, including Barcelona, Seville, Toledo and Segovia; the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean seashore; the stunning rugged cliffs of Galicia; and the elegant resort area of San Sebastian can be quickly reached by high-speed rail.

What is different about the DePaul program?

World-renowned Host Institution

  • DePaul’s Madrid program is held at Universidad Pontificia Comillas, ranked No. 51 among the world’s best universities in a 2014 Times Higher Education ranking known as the Alma Mater Index: Global Executives. A number of leading Comillas faculty members teach international and European business law in the program.
  • Universidad Pontificia Comillas is conveniently located at Calle Alberto Aguilera 23, Madrid in the Arguelles District in the heart of Madrid, within easy walking distance of public transportation.

Distinguished Faculty

  • Professor Alberto R. Coll, director of DePaul’s European and Latin American Legal Studies, leads the Madrid study abroad program. A native Spanish speaker who has been visiting Spain since he first arrived there as a young refugee, Professor Coll has lectured at Spain’s most prestigious universities, consulted with Spain’s intelligence agencies and foreign policy think tanks, and enjoys a wide range of professional and personal contacts in Spanish law firms and bar associations.
  • Prof. Jerold A. Friedland is a renowned expert on international and European business law. He is the author of the highly acclaimed Understanding International Business and Financial Transactions, and the widely used Understanding Partnership and LLC Taxation.
  • DePaul’s Madrid program teams up successful Spanish legal academics and practitioners with expert U.S. law professors to offer students a stellar learning experience.
  • Universidad Pontificia Comillas Professor Federico Montalvo was recently selected to the prestigious 36-member International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO, the world's leading advisory body on bioethics. He also has served as vice president of Spain's Bioethics Committee since 2013.

Unique Networking Opportunities and Meetings

  • DePaul’s Madrid program exposes students to the inner workings of the legal profession, including highly personalized visits with some of Spain’s top global law firms that maintain a presence in Europe and the United States.
  • Program participants visit Spain’s leading legal and political institutions — the courts, the attorney general’s office, the stock exchange — and they often have the opportunity to witness exciting and heated debates in the Spanish Congress over major policy issues.

Flexible Accommodations

  • Students in DePaul’s Madrid program have the option of staying in comfortable dorms or equally comfortable apartments where they enjoy independence and a wide range of choices. We do not require students to pay for dormitory food while in Madrid — one of the world’s greatest culinary centers.


Applicants are encouraged to apply by April 1, but applications will be accepted on a space-available basis through April 15.