Students take a glimpse inside Cook County's criminal justice system

As part of the College of Law’s Institute for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution, six students shadowed judges at the Criminal Division of the Cook County Circuit Court on Thursday, April 11.

Students spent the morning session on individual assignments in judges' courtrooms. They also had the opportunity to meet and ask questions of acting presiding Judge Clay, and to hear Judge Fox talk about the specialty courts over lunch.

“I thought the shadow a judge event provided an excellent insight into the criminal justice system here in Chicago,” said Aidan Forde, an Irish exchange student. The students also observed a variety of evidentiary and status hearings, 402 conferences, and several felony jury trials, including one with a double jury.

“There is so much going on at that courthouse,” said Sarah Gorham (’13). “It's hard to believe that, during my time at DePaul, I had never been there.”

Events take place every spring and fall semester. Please contact Natalie Taylor at or (312) 362-8312 if you are interested in participating in the fall 2013 program.