Student chosen for Stanford University Hoover IP² Summer Teaching Institute

Fayez Butt (JD '14) was selected to participate in the 2014 Stanford University Hoover IP² Summer Teaching Institute on the Economics and Politics of Regulation. Butt is one of just 25 students and young professionals invited to Stanford University this August.

Stanford University's Hoover IP² Summer Teaching Institute educates students and young professionals on how to think systematically about regulatory systems and their consequences, equipping attendees with analytic tools that are basic to good policymaking. The institute follows the business school model of executive education programs. It is an intensive, two-week program taught by experts in fields as diverse as patents, antitrust, innovation and finance, and energy and the environment. 

“This experience will take me beyond classroom study and into the broader world of patent law policy-making,” said Butt. “I intend to learn about how patent policy is made, what factors affect policy, and what outcomes patent policy is designed to facilitate. I hope that this experience will put me on the path toward becoming an effective patent attorney who understands the larger picture of patent law practice and policy."