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Professor Jacobs distinguished speaker at Singapore legacy law firm

On September 22, Distinguished Research Professor and Co-Director of the International Aviation Law Institute Michael S. Jacobs presented the Drew and Napier Distinguished Talk in Singapore about "Three Hot Topics at the IP/Antitrust Intersection." The attendees were members of the local antitrust bar, antitrust and sectoral regulators, and in-house counsel for multi nationals. Drew and Napier is the preeminent competition law firm in Singapore, and one of the country's four so-called "legacy" firms, in existence prior to Singaporean independence.

From September 23 through October 2, Professor Jacobs taught a course in the fundamentals of IP law and Antitrust to student-delegates from around the world brought here at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, pursuant to the Singapore Cooperation Program. The delegates come from countries as small as Kiri Das and Bhutan, as large as Russia, Mexico and Egypt, and also include people from Namibia, Uganda, Malawi, West Timor, Chile, Sri Lanka and other countries as well.

October 1, Jacobs spoke for two hours with lawyers and economists at the Competition Commission of Singapore about the legal and economic treatment of Most Favored Nation clauses, certain kinds of distribution arrangements and reverse payment settlements of patent disputed in the pharmaceutical sector.