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PBCSI recognizes record number of students, alumna for service work

At its annual service awards reception on April 22, the Pro Bono & Community Service Initiative (PBCSI) recognized a record number of law students—more than 140—who reported at least 50 hours of legal or nonlegal volunteer work while at DePaul. In total, law students reported more than 20,000 hours of pro bono and community service in academic year 2013-2014, setting another record for the College of Law. PBCSI also presented 46 students with the Benjamin Hooks Distinguished Public Service Award, which recognizes graduating third- and fourth-year students who have reported 200 or more service hours.
Pro Bono Alumni Award recipient Jean A. Adams with PBCSI Director Cheryl Price.
In addition to law student awards, PBCSI presented the 2014 Pro Bono Alumni Award to Jean A. Adams (JD '80). Her law practice focuses on trusts and estates planning, guardianships and decedent estates. Adams began her pro bono career in 1982, shortly after gaining admission to the bar and has handled hundreds of pro bono cases since then, primarily with Chicago Volunteer Legal Services (CVLS). CVLS awarded her its Distinguished Service Award in 1995 and 2002 for her “excellent work and commitment to serving Chicago’s poor.” Her pro bono work has focused on guardian ad litem work for disabled adults and minors in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Peter Ashmore, managing attorney for CVLS and adult guardianship program director, nominated Adams for the award.

“Jean’s tenacious commitment to pro bono and community service work and her determination to make the organized bar a force for improving the legal profession and the community make her a superb choice for this award," he said. "Jean Adams, in sum, is an extraordinary attorney: generous, effective, and a fighter for equal access to justice.”
After recognizing the awardees, Price encouraged students to continue their volunteer work at DePaul and as they move on to practice law. “Our students and alumni know that pro bono and community service are integral to the College of Law and have put their beliefs in action as they have headed out into the community to assist the poor and disadvantaged," Price said. "In the words of St. Vincent de Paul, these students have worked ‘with a new love in service of the poor’ and we are very proud of them.”
The 2014 recipients of the Benjamin Hooks Distinguished Public Service Award.

Benjamin Hooks Distinguished Public Service Award

Rasheda Armstrong

Kyle Brennan

Erin Calandriello

Julie Carrillo

Michelle Cass

Javier Castro

Brandon Clark

Megan Davis

Cathleen Doolan

Hope Dunbar

Stephanie Fuller

Katherine Galbraith

Martisha Garcia

Chelsey Green

Kevin Harpring

Alyson Hau

Roberto Hernandez

Sarah Hunter

Colleen Hurley           

Sydney Hutt

Brian Jant

Emily Jenkinson

Lindsay Jurgensen

Jessica Katlin

Bradley Kaye

Samuel Keen

Maheen Khatoon

Miriam Martinez

Marisa Menendez

Courtney Morso

Caroline O’ Connell

Bianca Pucci

Cortney Redman

Benjamin Rios

Kimberly Rios

Amanda Rizzo

Lee Robbins

Catherine Ryan

Erin Sostock

Forrest Sumlar

Anna Szymczak

Marlena Tonelli

Brooke Tucker

Daniel Watkins

Kevin Wender

Sarah Wilson




President’s Award

Class of December 2014

Emily Morrison

Class of 2015

Adenike Adubifa

Jennifer Chow

Ashley DeVeaux

Alexander Giller

Sergio Gomez

Katlyn Gregg

Angelica Griffin

Jacqueline Horn

Katie Ilijac

Kyle Kamego

Kelly Krauchun

Ryan Leal

Helen Lozano

Dustin Mosier

Genevieve Niemann

Andrea Zambrano Garzon

Class of 2016

Michael Boisso

Melissa Cubria

Jeffrey Moisan

Noah Schmidt


Chancellor’s Award

Class of 2014

Elizabeth Allison

Michelle Booker

Caleb Brown

Richard Halm

Rigid Hinterberger

Joseph-John Homsy

Kinza Khan

Brittany Lee

Jason Markovich

Maria Schletker

Amy Seamann


Class of 2015

Courtney Carroll

Arielle Einhorn

Stephanie Garces

Zachary Greening

Cathryn Hall

Jennifer Holder

Chrstina Kuklinski

Anna Mangia

Elizabeth McErlean

Smantha Mounford

Steve O’ Connor

Anastasia Palivos

Maxwell Qualls

Jessica Robinson

Juan Manual Rodriguez

Hannah Scruton

John Slagle

Max Suchan

Emily Welter


Class of 2016

Katherine Davis

Angel Figueroa

Erasmo Garcia

Meredith Popkes


Dean’s Certificate of Pro Bono Service Award

Class of 2014

Brittany Fraser

Taylor Goulbourn

Rachel Johnson

Jamie Leberis

Megan Natalino

Matthew Novario

Andrea Preisler

Drew Redmond

Melissa Reeks

Rachel Shapiro

Lindsay Vanderford


Class of 2015

Jessica Brito

Thomas Kerper

Natalia Olejarska

Jacqueline Pesenko

Courtney Todt

Rachel Werner



Class of 2016

Frank Albi

Santiago Del Real

Sue Lee

Ryan McGovern

Francis Murray

Guadalupe Perez

Alyssa Silva

Morgan Wilkinson

Yan Zong





Dean’s Certificate of Service Award
Class of 2014

Julia Lisowski

Zara Rashid

Nicole Roman

Michelle Villanueva

Andre Wallace




Class of 2015

John Cooper

Maura Mitchell

Rabia Muqeet

Yesenia Perez

Andrea Sinacola

Class of 2016

Lauren Bailey

Vaughn Bentley

Molly Dugan

Christopher King

Walter Lincoln

Danielle Olson

Amanda Roenius

Krista Sifuentez

Amy Silberstein