Pro Bono and Community Service Initiative Partners with Cornerstone Community Outreach

PBCSI February Donate-a-Day
Pro Bono and Community Service Initiative (PBCSI) partnered with University Ministries on February 17th for a day of service at Cornerstone Community Outreach in the city’s Uptown neighborhood. Cornerstone Community Outreach has a long standing commitment to providing shelter and finding homes for families and individuals who are at the greatest risk of being excluded from necessary services. The facility serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to roughly 120 individuals daily.

As part of PBCSI's Donate-a-Day program, volunteers helped prepare lunch and dinner and served lunch to the homeless population in the Uptown neighborhood. “Being able to prepare and serve food at Cornerstone Community Outreach was an eye-opening experience,” said first-year student Lisa Silshtut. “In addition to being able to meet and talk to non-law school students, it was wonderful to see the turn out for the work we put in. Looking back on it, it must be overwhelming for the people that consistently work there, like Derek, to handle all of the meals by himself. It's a great feeling knowing that we were able to help him, even if it was for just one day. This opportunity also made me reconsider how much food we use and waste on a daily basis when there are people so close to us, right in our city, that rely on the leftover foods from restaurants and grocery stores. I plan on coming back to Cornerstone Community Outreach and volunteering again soon.”​​​