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Jaharis Scholar Zach Garmisa's inspiration to give back

Jaharis Scholar Zach Garmisa majored in psychology at the University of Illinois because he wanted to help people. He is becoming a lawyer for the same reason. “I can’t think of a better law school for me, because of its mission of service, and balance between theory and practice,” Garmisa said.

"The school is very supportive and collegial—they push you toward achievement and support you on the road in so many ways,” he says.

Garmisa says that his most memorable DePaul experience was the camaraderie he felt at orientation, when all first-year students take an oath to uphold proper ethics from that day in law school into their careers.

“I found the experience powerful and inspiring. Every student in law school said it with me as we prepared to embark on the law school experience.”

The law school’s balance between theory and practice has provided Garmisa with a number of opportunities to work with and assist others. He works part time for a civil litigation law firm and a criminal defense law firm. He has worked as a team leader with the Just the Beginning Foundation, an organization seeking to encourage diverse students to enter law school.

He has been a member of DePaul’s Decalogue Society for Jewish lawyers, worked with the Office of Admissions in recruitment-related activities ranging from tours to events, and served as a representative on the Dean's Advisory Council and Student Bar Association. He also values the personal guidance he’s received through the legal writing program. “These are the faculty members that really spend a lot of time with you, week in and week out, to make sure you are the best legal writer you can be. It’s very important, because the law really is about clear communication.”

All of his involvement and range of experience might not have been possible if not for financial aid such as the Jaharis Scholarship. “I’m extremely appreciative and grateful for the opportunity that the Jaharis family has given me. I aspire to use the opportunity as a springboard to develop my skills, continue my legal education, and be able to work in areas that directly impact the lives and well-being of others. That is why I went to law school in the first place.

“The Jaharis Scholarship inspires me to one day give back to DePaul and provide individuals with the same opportunities given to me.”