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IALI hosts welcome exhibit, discuss aviation regulation at World Routes 2014

DePaul's International Aviation Law Institute welcomed 3,000 delegates to the 20th World Route Development Forum with an exhibit on civil aviation's landmark Chicago Convention treaty, a high-level panel discussion on the future of airline regulation, and an address predicting the look of aviation in 2044.

Held September 20 to 23, 2014, at Chicago's McCormick Place, the event brought together the largest range of airlines, airports, tourism authorities, civil aviation authorities and other stakeholders worldwide. This year's forum was held in Chicago to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Chicago Convention, the treaty that established the International Civil Aviation Organization and governs the conduct of international civil aviation.

To commemorate the Chicago Convention's 70th anniversary, visitors to the exhibit hall were greeted by IALI's welcome pod, containing historic film and video of the conference that created the Convention in 1944. At the pod's center was an original signed Chicago Convention, which was donated to one of our professors by the U.S. Department of State. Staffing the pod and greeting visitors is IALI Founding Director and Professor Brian Havel, IALI Executive Director Steve Rudolph, FedEx/United Airlines Resident Research Fellow John Mulligan, and third-year law student Dan Ross, symposium editor of the DePaul Law Review.

On Sunday, September 21, Professor Havel moderated "Getting 'Smart' About Regulation: The Regions Have Their Say," a panel discussion centered on the viability of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in an age of regionalism. Primary topics included whether the era of multilaterial regulation via ICAO is fading and if future civil aviation regulation should take place at the regional level. The panel members were Vijay Poonoosamy, vice president of international and public affairs, Etihad Airways; IALI advisory board member Sandra Chiu, president, Centre for Aviation Policy and Economics; Sebastian Mikosz, CEO, LOT; and Jeremy Robinson, legal director, Hill Dickinson LLP (London).

Following the panel discussion, John Byerly, IALI advisory board member and former deputy assistant secretary of state, presented "Aviation in 2044 -- 100 Years After the Chicago Convention," a look 30 years into the future of civil aviation. Byerly offered his insights from the perspective of a long career as a U.S. diplomat, during which he became the architect of many of the world's Open Skies air transport agreements.