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Farewell to Our Esteemed Dean, Jennifer Rosato Perea!

Farewell Dean Jenn
As we bid farewell to you, our remarkable Dean Jenn, we reflect on the profound impact you have made on the College of Law over the past nine years. Your unwavering dedication, visionary leadership and passion for legal education have left an indelible mark on our law school community.

Under your leadership, we have achieved extraordinary milestones:

• The creation of the First Generation in Legal Scholars Program (FGLP), the College of Law’s own unique pipeline program investing in first-generation students who demonstrate an interest in attending law school in the future.

• The founding of the DePaul Migration Collaborative which engages scholars, practitioners, students and alumni to find solutions to society’s most pressing problems in the areas of migration, mobility and human rights.

• The formation of the College of Law’s Diversity Plan and the conception of the alumni Diversity Council to offer the law school guidance, and oversight of the law school’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts consistent with the Vincentian mission.

• The establishment of the Racial Justice Initiative which brings together students, lawyers, researchers, policymakers and activists to collaborate on community-driven solutions to advance racial justice, specifically in Chicago and Illinois.

• The reinvigorating of DePaul Law’s Moot Court Program leading to the increased success of our moot court and trial teams at regional and national competitions.

Your commitment to nurturing future legal professionals and fostering a culture of excellence and integrity has inspired us all. As you embark on your next journey at the ABA, know that you leave behind a legacy of greatness that will continue to shape our institution for years to come.

Thank you, Dean Jenn, for your incredible service and leadership. You will be deeply missed, but your influence will always be a part of our law school’s story.

The entire College of Law wishes you all the best in your future endeavors!​