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DePaul law faculty place 20 articles in top law reviews

DePaul University College of Law faculty members placed 20 articles in the top 50 law reviews during the 2014-2015 academic year. Their work covered a wide range of topics—from Susan Bandes’ work on emotion in evaluating proof and prejudice, to Monu Bedi’s application of the mosaic theory to social networking communications, to Zoe Robinson’s research on religious institutionalism. For a complete list of DePaul law professors and their recent scholarship, visit our faculty profile pages.

DePaul Law Faculty Articles in Top 50 Law Reviews*

Susan Bandes

  • Empathy and Article III: Judge Weinstein, Cases and Controversies
    DePaul Law Review
    (forthcoming 2015)
  • Emotion, Proof and Prejudice: The Cognitive Science of Gruesome Photos and Victim Impact Statements
    Arizona State Law Journal (2014) (with J. Salerno)

Monu Bedi

  • Social Networks, Government Surveillance, and the Fourth Amendment Mosaic Theory
    Boston University Law Review

Emily Cauble

  • Safe Harbors in Tax Law
    Connecticut Law Review
    (forthcoming 2015)
  • Detrimental Reliance on IRS Guidance
    Wisconsin Law Review (forthcoming 2015)

Andrew Gold

  • Fiduciary Governance
    William and Mary Law Review
    (forthcoming, 2015) (with P. Miller)

Max Helveston

  • Consumer Protection in the Age of Big Data
    Washington University Law Review
    (forthcoming 2016)
  • Judicial Deregulation of Consumer Markets
    Cardozo Law Review (2015)

Michael Jacobs

  • The Incoherence of Bargaining Power in Contract Law
    Wake Forest Law Review (2014) (with M. Helveston)

Daniel I. Morales

  • Crimes of Migration
    Wake Forest Law Review

Bruce Ottley

  • New York Times v. Sullivan at 50: Despite Criticism, the Actual Malice Standard Still Provides ‘Breathing Space’ for Communications in the Public Interest
    DePaul Law Review
    (2014) (with J. Lewis)

Zoe Robinson

  • Lobbying in the Shadows: Religious Interest Groups in the Legislative Process
    Emory Law Journal
  • The Contraception Mandate and the Forgotten Constitutional Question
    Wisconsin Law Review (2014)
  • What is a “Religious Institution”?
    Boston College Law Review (2014)
  • Constitutional Personhood
    George Washington Law Review (forthcoming 2015)
  • The Failure of Mitigation
    Hastings Law Journal (forthcoming 2014) (with R. Smith & S. Cull)
  • Bias in the Shadow of Criminal Law: The Problem of Implicit White Favoritism
    Alabama Law Review (forthcoming 2015) (with R. Smith & J. Levinson)
  • The Family Unit in the Age of Religious Institutionalism
    University of Illinois Law Review (forthcoming 2016)

Mark Weber

  • Intent in Disability Discrimination Law: Social Science Insights and Comparisons to Race and Sex Discrimination
    University of Illinois Law Review
    (forthcoming 2016)
  • Accidentally on Purpose: Intent in Disability Discrimination Law
    Boston College Law Review (forthcoming 2015)

* Top 50 Law Reviews as listed in the Washington and Lee University School of Law Library “Law Journal Rankings Project” for 2014.