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Entrepreneurship, innovation, & the law at 1871

DePaul Law Entrepreneurship, innovation, & the law at 1871 Class
This summer, a number of CIPLIT students are taking a newly created course “Entrepreneurship, innovation, & the law at 1871.” The course was conceived by Professor Anthony Volini in collaboration with CIPLIT and is proving to be very successful. Students are doing legal research in connection with 1871 presentations they have attended, addressing the business, technology, and legal issues facing innovators. It’s exciting to have them engaged in the holistic learning experience that is highly relevant to innovative businesses in the marketplace and will provide them helpful insights for future interactions with clients in their legal careers. Professor Volini is also teaches the IP Legal Writing course (a long time favorite established by CIPLIT) where first-year students learn their required first year research and writing skills in the context of intellectual property issues.​