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Criminal Appeals Clinic Successfully Argues for Client to the Appellate Court of Illinois, First District

Clinic Student Allison Foellger and Clinic Professor Gil Lenz Win Sentence Reduction for Client

​In Fall 2020, the Criminal Appeals Clinic obtained a reduced sentence for their client. In a fractured opinion, the Appellate Court of Illinois, First District agreed that the client's sentence was excessive and reduced the sentence by twenty years. While the resultant thirty-year sentence is still a long sentence, the reduction increases the likelihood that the client will be able to survive his sentence. Criminal Appeals  Clinic student Allison Foellger co-drafted the appellate opening brief in Spring 2019 and Criminal Appeals Clinic Professor Gil Lenz drafted the reply brief and conducted the oral argument later in 2020.

The case is People v. Hardy, 2020 IL App (1st) 172485

Decision Under Review: Appeal from the Circuit Court of Cook County, Nos. 14-CR- 15929, 14-CR-21461; the Hon. Thomas J. Byrne, Judge, presiding

Attorneys for Appellant: DePaul University Legal Clinic, of Chicago (Gilbert Lenz, of counsel, and Allison Foellger, law student), for appellant and 

Attorneys for Appellee: Kimberly M. Foxx, State’s Attorney, of Chicago (Alan J. Spellberg, Matthew Connors, and Tyler J. Cox, Assistant State’s Attorneys, of counsel), for the People.