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Criminal Appeals Clinic Alumni Set to Argue Before Appellate Court

Criminal Appeals Clinic Alumni, Scout Distefano, arguing case she carried with her from the Clinic to her new job with the Office of the State Appellate Defender

In Fall 2019, Scout Distefano​ was a student in the Criminal Appeals Clinic working on a case for the Clinic's client, James Powell. The Criminal Appeals Clinic is led by four attorneys who work for the Office of the State Appellate Defender ("OSAD"). After completing her time in the Clinic, in Fall 2020 Scout accepted an offer to work permanently with OSAD, an opportunity that was undoubtedly made possible because of the quality work and client dedication she exhibited in the Clinic. Now as a full-time employee with OSAD, her work on behalf of the client, James Powell, has come full circle. The case has been set for oral argument in mid-March and Scout will argue the client's appeal.

Clinic alumni gain valuable skills while working with the Clinic and carry those skills into practice. Here, Scout will harness the skills she gained as a DePaul law student and the appellate skills she gained in the Criminal Appeals Clinic to make her first oral argument before the Illinois Appellate Court.