IALI/Chaddick lunch lecture analyzes active shooter situations

Stephen Rudolph, Kathernie Schweit, and Joseph P. Schwieterman
Pictured from left: Stephen Rudolph, executive director of DePaul Law's International Aviation Law Institute; Supervisory Special Agent Katherine Schweit of the FBI's Active Shooter Initiative; and Joseph P. Schwieterman, PhD, director of DePaul College of LAS' Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development.

DePaul University's Sixth Annual International Aviation Law Institute and Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development Lunch Lecture explored the importance of planning for active shooter situations, particularly in high-traffic transportation areas such as airports.

Supervisory Special Agent Katherine Schweit of the FBI's Active Shooter Initiative and the senior executive responsible for the agency's planning, policy and training to better prepare, prevent and respond to active shooter and other mass casualty situations, led the talk and answered questions from attendees regarding crucial security issues. A major component of her discussion was the often-ignored financial ramifications of active shooter incidents, and how preparing in advance for potential occurrences can significantly reduce post-situation costs. Other areas she highlighted were the need for enhanced security requirements in the design stage of new infrastructure and her belief that airports will expand their security protocols to lobbies and entryways, instead of focusing primarily on keeping boarding gates safe.

Schweit, an alumna of DePaul Law, thanked DePaul University "for the opportunity to make the business case for why security considerations must be an integral part of the initiation of all airport and urban planning efforts. Inadequately assessing security risks from inception makes a business entity more vulnerable to targeted violence and can result in extraordinary and potentially unnecessary expenses when tragedy strikes." She also appreciated "the opportunity to return to my alma mater and see first-hand how dedicated these institute participants are to tackling cutting-edge topics; topics that often have no simple answers and are fraught with competing interests."

The IALI/Chaddick Lunch Lecture is cosponsored by the College of Law's International Aviation Law Institute and the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences’ Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development.