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Dr. Theodosia Stavroulaki joins the Jaharis Health Law Institute as 2020-2021 Faculty Fellow

Theodosia Stavroulaki
Dr. Theodosia Stavroulaki has joined the College of Law as the 2020-2021 Jaharis Faculty Fellow. She previously worked as an antitrust associate in a leading law firm in Greece that advised multinational firms in competition law issues in pharmaceutical, automotive and IT sector, which led her to focus her teaching and research on antitrust law and healthcare antitrust.  

Stavroulaki's work has been published in the Loyola Consumer Law Review, the American Journal of Law & Medicine, World Competition Law & Economics Review and CPI Antitrust Chronicle. Her research also has been funded by a number of prestigious institutions such as the American Bar Association (Section of Antitrust Law), the Fulbright Commission, NYU School of Law, Michigan Law School, European University Institute, Tel Aviv University, the European Commission, the Greek Scholarships' Foundation and the Greek Association of Law and Economics.  

After receiving funding from Collegio Carlo Alberto and Turin University, Stavroulaki recently drafted a paper that examines the impact of COVID-19 on hospitals' incentives to merge and the criteria and analytical framework under which competition authorities in both Europe and the U.S. should assess such mergers. Her forthcoming book, Healthcare, Quality Concerns and Competition Law: A Systematic Approach, explores how healthcare quality concerns are considered by competition authorities in both Europe and the US and unveils the core antitrust and equity concerns that emerge in the age of big data revolution in healthcare. The book also will assess the impact of COVID-19 on antitrust enforcement in healthcare.  

Over the past year, Stavroulaki has researched the role of antitrust law in ensuring the public policy objectives of the U.S. higher education sector. This project, which she initiated during the previous academic year as a Fulbright Scholar and Hauser Global Fellow at NYU School of Law and Grotius Research Scholar at Michigan Law school, grew out of her observation that, similar to healthcare, the main actors providing higher education services–– primarily universities–– often enter into anticompetitive agreements or boycotts aiming to reduce the competitive rivalry and protect quality. Stavroulaki researched this debate in her paper, “Equality of Opportunity and Antitrust: The Curious Case of Academic rankings" and presented her main findings at the Annual Conference of Academic Society of Competition Law in June 2020. ​​