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University of Oxford professor presents new book to DePaul law faculty

On Friday, September 25, the College of Law welcomed Dr. Tarun Khaitan, a member of the University of Oxford law faculty, to lead a panel discussing his well-received new book, “A Theory of Discrimination Law,” just published by Oxford University Press.  Also participating in the discussion were Andrew Koppelman, John Paul Stevens Professor of Law at Northwestern University, Howard Eglit, emeritus professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law, as well as DePaul’s new dean, Jennifer Rosato Perea, and DePaul law professors Sumi Cho, David Franklin, Brian Havel, and Terry Smith.  

Dr. Khaitan engaged in a vigorous exchange of ideas with his fellow panelists about whether discrimination law might be the best tool for eradicating relative group disadvantage, given the apparent challenges that this kind of law faces in the United States.  Dr. Khaitan also highlighted innovations in discrimination law in other liberal jurisdictions, especially Canada, South Africa, India and the United Kingdom, which address some of the concerns raised in the panel exchanges.  In addition to his visit to DePaul, Dr. Khaitan will also be discussing his book at the University of Toronto law school before returning to Oxford later this week. 

For further information on Dr. Khaitan’s book, which provides a theory of discrimination law based on legal doctrine from five pioneering jurisdictions including the United Kingdom and the United States, please use the following link: A Theory of Discrimination Law (OUP 2015).