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Law students teach restorative justice at Jones College Prep

Students setting up the interactive restorative justice activity for the students at Jones Prep.
DePaul University College of Law student volunteers visited neighboring high school Jones Prep to teach freshman and sophomores about restorative justice and the use of restorative justice circles in high schools. The Pro Bono & Community Service Initiative and the Student Bar Association partnered with Umoja Corporation to facilitate the lessons as part of the law school's Donate-a-Day program in March.

Students engaged in small group discussions after reading about hypothetical situations and discussing how they would play out in the traditional justice system versus a restorative justice system. Law students were also able to work with junior and senior students who are currently enrolled in pre-law classes and are exploring legal career opportunities. The law students spoke about their undergraduate and law school experiences, and answered questions the Jones' students had about this education path. 

"It was inspiring to speak with teens about restorative justice," said first-year student Raven Lewis. "I loved discussing and seeing how the students valued restorative justice in our society and education system. The teens reaffirmed my belief that lawyers must work with the system and the community to provide justice. I would urge all students to participate in a Donate-A-Day because you can learn so much and continue to be inspired."

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