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International Aviation Law Institute hosts back-to-back Fulbright grantees

DePaul University College of Law’s International Aviation Law Institute​ will host two successive Fulbright grantees with the arrival of Turkish Fulbright Student Program grantee Baris Mesci during the 2016-2017 academic year. 

The announcement coincides with the conclusion of Professor Sarah Jane Fox’s Fulbright term with the institute and return to Coventry University in England. Fox holds a PhD in law from the University of Northumbria and specializes in free movement, transport law and policy—particularly aviation—and conflicting and comparative areas of law and policy.

Professor Sarah Jane Fox
“It has been a privilege to have been at DePaul University at the International Aviation Law Institute for the last six months,” said Fox. “The experience has been tremendously rewarding, both in the sense of the academic research and the opportunity to fully immerse myself in U.S. culture. I remain grateful to my colleagues within the aviation institute for their kindness and support, and I look forward to collaborating on further ventures and maximizing joint opportunities in the future.” 

During her time at DePaul, Fox researched aviation law and policy and related cross cutting aspects. She undertook extensive research concerning aeropolitics—international relations, history, politics and the law—particularly related to Open Skies and further liberalization of air services. Her research also included the paradoxes of policies and the associated risks of policy change, or failing to change and advance in a globalized world. 

Mesci is a PhD candidate at Istanbul Kultur University in Turkey and will be conducting high-level research and writing during his stay at IALI. His desired areas of practice include private international law, international commercial arbitration, international investment law and international trade law.

“We have been very fortunate indeed to host Fulbright grantees at the institute for two years,” said Stephen Rudolph, executive director of IALI. “This is indicative of the recognition that the institute has received worldwide for its groundbreaking work.” ​