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IALI director urges reform of "nationality rule" at WEF Summit

​​​International Aviation Law Institute Director Brian F. Havel urged members of the World Economic Forum’s Summit on the Global Agenda to work toward reform of the widespread "nationality rule" that prohibits non-citizens from taking a controlling stake in a country’s airlines.

The Summit -- held this year in Abu Dhabi in late October -- is the Forum’s annual preparatory gathering of nearly 1,000 experts that precedes its annual leadership summit in Davos, Switzerland, in January.

Addressing the Forum’s Council on the Future of Travel and Tourism, Professor Havel argued that the rule continues to bar airlines from engaging in cross-border mergers and creating foreign subsidiaries that are common in most other industries. Professor Havel is a member of the Council, which includes CEOs and senior executives representing the global hospitality and travel industries, as well as senior government officials including the Peruvian and Mexican ministers for tourism.​​​