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Human Trafficking Awareness Week, Feb 11-15, 2019

The SDF Family Law Center hosted multiple events in collaboration with the Vincent G. Rinn Law Library, Center for Public Interest Law, International Human Rights Law Institute, the Chicago Bar Association’s Human Trafficking Committee, and Selah Freedom to raise awareness on human trafficking within our community.  The week began with The 2019 Summit: Eliminating Sex Trafficking in a Digital Age – With a Chicago Focus.   This event gave a shocking overview of known human trafficking statistics in Cook County, a trafficking survivor’s story, background of how law enforcement combats human trafficking in Cook County and what changes they have seen and expect to see going forward due to changes in legislation and awareness, as well as examples of services available to trafficking survivors in Cook County.  The SDF Family Law Center also co-hosted a brown bag lunch and abbreviated documentary screening of I AM JANE DOE.  Throughout the week, eight boxes of toiletries, Ventra cards, and other miscellaneous items were collected for and donated to the women who visit a local human trafficking shelter.  Additionally, six students spent two hours cleaning this shelter and learning about its services after delivering the donations.