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Jaharis Health Law Institute Partners with AHLA to share perspectives on “Health Law Disruption: 2030 and Beyond”

​​​“Health Law Disruption: 2030 and Beyond" tells the story of the rapid changes health law is currently undergoing and how industry leaders innovate and adapt to these changes. Only by educating and connecting the health law community can professionals successfully navigate complex regulatory frameworks, helping improve patient outcomes, drive business efficiencies and develop U.S. health systems.  Accordingly, this program presents a collective narrative of stories from across the health law industry sector, highlighting initiatives focused on staying ahead of future disruption trends.

As part of the collection, Jaharis Health Law Institute (JHLI) Executive Director Alice Setrini and Interim JHLI Faculty Director Max Helveston share their thoughts on the value of diversity in health law and the importance of externships in preparing the next generation of lawyers. JHLI Advisory Board member Ahmed Salim and student Palak Desai discuss the connection between higher education, real world experience and practicing health law to support healthy communities, and Sinai Health System counsel Elizabeth Connolly and Anna Lozoya explain how practical experience coupled with mentorship from knowledgeable practitioners is foundational for new health law advocates.  The video is available on the College of Law's YouTube page.​