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Professor Gerstenblith discusses the threat posed to antiquities by ISIS

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Professor Patty Gerstenblith discussed the threat posed to antiquities by ISIS for several international news outlets this spring:
Professor Gerstenblith discussed ISIS’ Revenue from Looted Artifacts with the Wall Street Journal on February 11, 2015 
Read the article.
Professor Gerstenblith quoted by National Geographic on ISIS Threat to Antiquities, March 24, 2015
While some concern has been raised over the recent repatriations by the U.S. to Iraq of Iraqi artifacts, due to ongoing attacks in the region by ISIS, Prof. Patty Gerstenblith noted that “repatriations ‘are not done spur of the moment’ and that she believes the repatriated artifacts “will be quite safe.” Read more.
Gerstenblith discussed calls for a global response to looting in Syria for BBC News on April 17, 2015
In discussing calls for a global response to the looting and destruction of cultural sites in Syria, Gerstenblith stated: “You want to stop the whole smuggling enterprise and dismantle an international network of criminals who engage in money laundering and, we believe, support ISIS.” Read more.
Gerstenblith addressed the threat by ISIS to the Ancient Syrian City of Palmyra with WBEZ Worldview on May 26, 2015
Ancient sites look like “Swiss cheese” in the Syrian city of Palmyra since ISIS invaded and began looting artifacts from the ground, says cultural heritage law expert Patty Gerstenblith. The U.S. has yet to impose restrictions on imports of cultural materials from Syria, and Gerstenblith says the lure of the market “provides the incentive to continue looting.” Listen to the interview.