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Student Spotlight: Brittany Lowis ('21)

Brittany Lowis
DePaul law student Brittany Lowis was named content development director for the Mindfulness in Law Society (“MILS") for academic year 2020-2021. MILS provides a place for people in the legal profession to focus on their well-being by practicing mindfulness. Its mission “is to educate, coordinate and promote activities in the legal profession relating to mindfulness meditation, yoga and other contemplative practices."

Dr. Ana Vazquez-Rivera, director of diversity, inclusion and student life at DePaul Law, says of Brittany: “I can't think of any other student who has demonstrated the level of commitment for the well-being of their peers as Brittany. She is viewed as a leader on campus, and she set the bar for future SBA Mental Health Committee chairs by demonstrating an exceptional commitment to the wellness of our law students this year, including advocating for creative wellness programs such as dog therapy. Even during the COVID-19 crisis she continued to support her peers by setting up Zoom chats. She will represent DePaul well in her new role."

Q. What brought you to law school? What did you do before law school?

Growing up, my goal in life was to be a woman who was educated, independent and helped others. At first, I didn't know how I could achieve this, but then it hit me. At 13, I decided I wanted to become a lawyer. Lawyers are educated; they help others; and it gives me enough flexibility and income to be independent. From that moment on, it was all about getting into law school. I graduated high school in three years and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing with a concentration in Sales Leadership, along with minors in Management and Economics, from DePaul University.  Now, I'm a rising 3L. 

Q. Why did you want to become part of MILS?

I first heard of MILS when Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Maria Vertuno and Dr. Vasquez-Rivera recommended that I become part of the MILS Law Student Division Executive Committee. I researched the organization and immediately knew I wanted to participate because of their mission to help others understand the importance of mindfulness. Mindfulness has many benefits but is regularly overlooked, especially in the legal profession. More people in this field experience depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse and drug abuse than in the general population, yet mindfulness is not a priority. I had to figure out a way to expand the knowledge and practices of mindfulness nationally, and MILS gives me the opportunity to do that. 

Q. Can you describe your role as content development director? What do you hope to achieve as director?

As content development director, I will create a community within MILS by developing content for student members and making it accessible on multiple platforms. My role will allow me to explain why students should participate in MILS and to work closely with existing chapters to develop content that students will value. 

My hope is to spread the importance of mindfulness within the legal community. For people in the legal profession to be able to help others, they must help themselves first. I know many can see that as being selfish, but Michael Jordan once said, “to be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve." My content should help students feel comfortable taking care of themselves and practicing mindfulness, and it should help them long after law school. I want students to feel supported, to feel a sense of belonging and to feel heard.