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Annual Family Law Symposium – The New American Family

Annual Family Law Symposium
While the traditional model of the American family has been evolving over the last century, recent cultural, legislative, and case law changes served as the impetus for the SDF Family Law Center’s annual full day symposium on the 'New American Family'. Through various panel discussions with experts in the field, panelists and attendees explored the values and culture shifts of the former American family (presented by Prof. Linda McClain of Boston University School of Law and Prof. Roberta Kwall of DePaul University College of Law), implications of not marrying under the present American family (presented by Sandra Crawford of Law Crawford PC, Hon. Pamela E. LozaBrandon Peck of PeckRitchey, LLC, and Dr. Gail Petrich), the ethical dilemmas current and future American families face in addressing embryos upon separation (presented by Prof. Susan Crockin of Georgetown University Law Center and Crockin Law & Policy Group, PLLC and Nidhi Desai of Desai & Miller), the economics of marriage and separation (presented by Prof. Shoshanna Grossbard of San Diego State University), the 'graying divorce' (presented by Stephanie Tang of Kogut & Wilson, LLC and Mario Ventrelli of Ventrelli Simon LLC), how to co-parent effectively post decree (presented by David Ainley of Katz & Stefani, LLC, Brendan Hammer of Berger Schatz, and Sarah Hawkins of the Cook County Office of the Public Guardian), and mental health concerns for the new American family (presented by Grace Gufler of Accepting Therapy and Gwenn Waldman).