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Annual Family Law Symposium – The Effects of Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence on Children of Addicted Parents

Annual Family Law Symposium 2018
The SDF Family Law Center hosted a full day symposium featuring Jerry Moe, the National Director of the Children’s Program at the Betty Ford Center, part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.  Mr. Moe discussed how family addiction impacts children, specifically from a child’s perspective.  He described the psychological stages of addiction, what children experience, and how it is processed in a child’s mind.  Mr. Moe also talked about treatment available to children who have one or two parents struggling with addiction.  Following Mr. Moe, Judge Maritza Martinez (Cook County Domestic Relations), Dr. Kimberly Dennis (SunCloud Health), David Newton (SunCloud Health), and Prof. Allison Ortlieb (DePaul University College of Law) addressed the implications of family addiction on the judicial system.  Judge Michael Ian Bender (Ret.) (Caesar & Bender LLP), Patrick John (The Barclay Law Group), Gail O’Connor (O’Connor Family Law), and Ralla Klepak (Klepak & Associates) addressed the implications of family addiction on attorneys. Aileen Robinson (Chicago Police Department) talked about the impact of domestic violence from a child’s point of view.  Finally, Judge Karen Shields (Ret.) (JAMS), Judge Mark Lopez (Cook County Domestic Relations), Judge Barbara Riley (Ret.) (private practice), and Dr. Gail Petrich (private practice) discussed how to use the information learned from this symposium to create a better future path for children in this type of unfortunate situation.