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Jaharis Health Law Institute Produces Video Series on the COVID-19 Impact with American Health Law Association (AHLA)

​​​​​​​​The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of nearly all people and businesses, with the health care industry at the epicenter of the crisis.  As the health care community faces unprecedented challenges in delivering care, DePaul College of Law in partnership with the American Health Law Association (AHLA) and dbase media have produced a series of Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos to heighten awareness of the ever-shifting legal landscape in light of the coronavirus. 

COVID-19: Health Law Disruption features narratives from AHLA authorities, including Mary and Michael Jaharis Health Law Institute Faculty Director Wendy Netter Epstein, current and former Jaharis fellows, and other legal experts from private practice, in house counsel and other industry sectors to discuss how health law has rapidly changed in response to the pandemic.  Together, these videos offer a deep dive into pressing topics such as the current and future impact of new waivers; how rural and other providers are facing challenges with limited resources, supplies, staffing and capacity issues; and how long-term care facilities may minimize risk to patients and staff. 

 Wendy Netter Epstein

Wendy Netter Epstein
Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Mary and Michael Jaharis Health Law Institute

·       Future Healthcare Costs Impacted by COVID-19      

·       COVID-19 Impact on Health Law Education

·       COVID-19 Reimbursement Complications Impacting the Healthcare System

                                                      ·       Unemployment and Uninsured Challenges Created by COVID-19

Ana Santos Rutschman

Anna Santos Rutschman
Jaharis Faculty Fellow Alumna

·       Technical and Legal Challenges in Developing and Distributing a COVID-19 Vaccine

·       Intent and Challenges Surrounding 'Operation Warp Speed'

·       Affordability of COVID-19 Vaccines

Valerie Gutmann Koch

Valerie Gutmann Koch
Jaharis Faculty Fellow

·       Crisis Standards of Care During COVID-19

·       Protecting Health Care Providers from Legal Liability During the COVID-19 Crisis

·       Guidelines for Scarce Resource Allocation During the COVID-19 Crisis

The full PSA mini-series can be found on the Coronavirus Hub on AHLA's website and channels managed by dBase Media

About AHLA

The American Health Law Association (AHLA) is the nation's largest, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to legal issues in the health care field. The mission of AHLA is to provide a collegial forum for interaction and information exchange to enable its members to serve their clients more effectively; to produce the highest quality non-partisan educational programs, products, and services concerning health law issues; and to serve as a public resource on selected healthcare legal issues. It's over 13,000 members practice in law and consulting firms; academic, in-house, and in a variety of public sector work settings. They represent the entire spectrum of the health care industry: physicians, hospitals and health systems, health plans and health maintenance organizations, health insurers, life sciences, managed care companies, nursing facilities, home care providers and consumers.​