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"Trolls and Other Patent Inventions" the topic of the Niro Distinguished Intellectual Property Lecture

Professor Zorina Khan Speaks at CIPLIT's 17th Niro Distinguished IP Lecture and Luncheon
Professor Zorina Khan Speaks at CIPLIT's 17th Niro Distinguished IP Lecture and Luncheon.
DePaul University College of Law's Center for Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology (CIPLIT) hosted the 17th Niro Distinguished Intellectual Property Lecture and luncheon in September. The event features notable persons in the field of intellectual property law. This year's speaker was Professor Zorina Khan, professor of economics at Bowdoin College, who presented on “Trolls and Other Patent Inventions.”

During the session, Professor Khan focused on ongoing issues with the United States' patent system due to excessive litigation and the challenges in responding to constant advancements in technology throughout the 21st century. Her speech explored the history of patents in America, from its relevance at the birth of the nation to its impact on modern free market principals. She further examined at how the patent system set up by the United States influenced the development of other national patent systems during the 19th century and beyond.

The event also paid tribute to Raymond P. Niro Sr., who passed away earlier this year. Niro sponsored the event since its creation in 1998, and his support was crucial in CIPLIT's ongoing efforts to analyze important legal issues in intellectual property. Professor Bobbi Kwall, the Raymond P. Niro Professor of Intellectual Property Law, and his son Dean Niro, who is a partner at Niro Law, spoke about Niro's legacy as a champion of the underdog in patent litigation. ​