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Virtual Juries - Valerie Hans, Cornell University

High Tech Dispute Resolution: Lessons from Psychology for a Post COVID-19 Era - Jennifer Robbennolt, University of Illinois and Jean Sternlight, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Procedural Justice in COVID-19 Era Courts - Justin Sevier, Florida State University

The Psychology of Remote Interaction - Tess Wilkinson-Ryan, University of Pennsylvania

DISCUSSANT: Shari Diamond, Northwestern University/American Bar Foundation

An Innovation in Access to Justice: Opportunity Lost - Stephen Daniels, American Bar Foundation

FutureLitigation: From Day in Court to Data Governance - David Freeman Engstrom, Stanford University

Son of the Vanishing Trial - Marc Galanter, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Our New Normal? How COVID Accelerated Pre-Pandemic Trends in State Court Civil Litigation - Paula Hannaford-Agor, National Center for State Courts

COVID-19 and the Multiple Worlds of Litigation - Herbert Kritzer, University of Minnesota

DISCUSSANT: Honorable Lorna Schofield, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York

What History Can Tell Us About the Future of Insurance and Litigation After COVID-19 - Kenneth Abraham, University of Virginia, and Tom Baker, University of Pennsylvania

How a Pandemic Plus Recession Foretell the Post-Employment-Based Horizon of Health Insurance - Allison K. Hoffman, University of Pennsylvania

The Role of Insurance Regulators in Resolving Widespread Coverage Disputes - Dan Schwarcz, University of Minnesota

Racial Inequality, COVID-19, and Health and Unemployment Insurance: Lessons Learned and Pathways Forward - Shauhin Talesh, University of California, Irvine

DISCUSSANT: Nora Freeman Engstrom, Stanford University

The Future of Injury - Anne Bloom, University of California, Berkeley 

Bad Medicine: Why Liability Shields and Tort Reform Were the First Thing Policymakers Reached for in the COVID Pandemic - Anthony Sebok, Yeshiva University

Tort Law’s New Quarantinism - Sierra Stubbs, Yale University and John Fabian Witt, Yale University

The PREP Act: Past, Present, and Future - Allison M. Whelan, Covington & Burling LLP

DISCUSSANT: Robert Rabin, Stanford University

Incapacity and Responsibility in the Time of COVID - Seth Davis, University of California, Berkeley

Government Failure in the Age of COVID-19 - David Hyman, Georgetown University

How the Primary Jurisdiction Doctrine in the Age of COVID-19 Threatens Workplace Safety - Catherine Sharkey, New York University

Responsive Analysis: More Than One Way to Stop a Virus: Integrating Public and Private Governance Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic - Timothy Lytton, Georgia State University 

DISCUSSANT: Stephan Landsman, DePaul University College of Law