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​​The 30th Annual Clifford Symposium on Tort Law & Social Policy

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At least three times in the past hundred years, entire American industries have united in a coordinated and sustained effort to advance their financial interests by knowingly promoting products that have deadly consequences for enormous numbers of individuals exposed to them.  The three industries involved in these activities have been the asbestos manufacturers, the tobacco sellers and the opioid purveyors. There have been striking parallels both in their conduct and the inadequate societal response to the harm done. 

Accordingly, this year’s Clifford Symposium will explore: 
• The historical legacy of these events 
• The ethical questions raised by the legal representation offered the industries  
• The behavior of those who enabled widespread harm  
• The American industries that appear to be following the same deadly roadmap 
• The procedures we might adopt to address these activities. 

Please register by June 5, 2024.  The Symposium will be presented in person and online. There is a room cap of 100 in-person attendees, and online participants will receive a link to view the presentation just ahead of the event. 

DePaul University College of Law is an accredited Illinois MCLE provider. This program has been approved for up to 10.5 hours of general CLE credit, which includes 2 hours of ethics credits for Panel IV.

  • Day 1: Up to 6.5 credits
  • Day 2: Up to 4 credits