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Cause of Action

Cause of Action is the student-run newspaper for DePaul University College of Law. Through monthly publications, we hope to bring relevant legal and non-legal news to the eyes and minds of over 1,000 students and 100 faculty members and employees at DePaul Law. By providing a high quality product, we hope to engage readership and participation from as many of our fellow students as possible.

Cause of Action will be made available in both print and electronic formats each month during the academic school year. By also supplying an electronic edition of the newspaper, we hope to grow our DePaul College of Law community by reaching both alumni and prospective students. Thus, in addition to our principal goal of providing valuable journalism, Cause of Action will provide a way to connect former, current, and future students to increase awareness of the ever-expanding DePaul Law community.

We hope that you enjoy the publication!

Mission Statement

Cause of Action aims to be the voice of the entire DePaul College of Law student body. Our mission is to provide students with relevant legal and non-legal news, highlight our diverse student organizations, and bring light-hearted entertainment to the DePaul student body.

All students are encouraged to become a part of Cause ofAction as either a committee member or staff writer. Committee members meet weekly in order to brainstorm ideas, format and edit articles, and publish the newspaper. Staff writers are encouraged to choose from any article topics proposed by the committee or to pitch their own topics. No prior journalism experience is necessary! Please get involved!