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Docent Program

The DePaul Law Docent Program was thoughtfully designed to ensure that all incoming first-year (1L) students have a smooth transition to law school and the legal profession. In order to best take advantage of all the programs and resources that DePaul offers, each incoming 1L is assigned a “DePaul Law Docent” who will serve as a personal guide for the year.

The DePaul Docents are senior administrators or faculty members who schedule regular check-ins with and facilitate a warm welcome for their assigned student(s). Each incoming 1L will receive the name of their Docent during the summer and meet him or her at New Student Orientation.

List of DePaul Docents:

Jerry Friedland

Ellen Gutiontov

Mike Grynberg

Jamie Kleppetsch

Debbie LaGioia

Katie Liss

Shaye Loughlin

Greg Mark

Allen Moye

Allison Ortlieb

Bruce Ottley

Martha Pagliari

Jennifer Rosato Perea

Elizabeth Ward