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What exactly will I be doing in LegalTrek?

The 2018 summer syllabus is posted below. Please read the syllabus to see exactly what you will be doing each week and what types of assignments and preparation you must make in advance, as the syllabus for 2019 will be similar to 2018. Please read the beginning of the syllabus that sets forth the expectations and level of commitment expected from each scholar.

View the 2018 Summer Syllabus Here

I see that LegalTrek is a program for undergraduates. I recently graduated from college and I would like to participate. May I apply?

Yes you may. While this program is designed and targeted for undergraduate students, there are limited spaces available for recent grads. Feel free to apply. ​​

How do I apply to Legal Trek?

You may mail a hard copy of your application to Anna Lloyd (see mailing address below). You may also send an electronic or scanned copy to

Access the Legal Trek Application

If I am selected as a finalist, I see that I must interview in April. I will likely not be able to make it to Chicago for an interview as I go to school in another state. Can I still participate?

Yes. We will be interviewing by video or phone. Not all students will be asked to interview, only those students who advance through the initial application stage.​

When will I know if I am accepted to LegalTrek?

We would like to notify everyone of their admission acceptance by April 22, 2019.​

How much does it cost to participate in LegalTrek?

There is no cost to participate in the LegalTrek program, but individuals are responsible for their own living and travel expenses.​

Does the program offer housing options?

No, unfortunately we are unable to provide housing assistance at this time. Individuals are responsible for arranging their own housing.​

Will I have access to a legal internship if I participate in LegalTrek?

No, an internship is not part of the program at this time. All LegalTrek scholars regardless of year in school will be assigned a law-firm mentor and you will meet with your mentor throughout the summer. You may be able to build relationships for future internship opportunities through this mentor, or your LegalTrek network.​

How should I submit my official transcript?

You or your school may mail a hard copy of your official transcript to Anna Lloyd (see mailing address below). Your school may also send an electronic copy to​, or you may email a scanned copy of your official transcript.

If I decide to submit a hard copy of my application and/or official transcript what is your mailing address?

Please address all mail to: 
Anna Lloyd
Executive Director
Chicago Committee on Minorities in Large Law Firms
P.O. Box 06411
Chicago, IL 60606​

For additional questions regarding the application process or about the program, please email the Executive Director of Chicago Committee on Minorities in Large Law Firms, Anna Lloyd.​