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Printing On-Campus From Your Laptop

Intelliprint and IPrint allow students to print from lab computer or their laptops. A DePaul ID card is needed to use the printers. Student receive a set amount of free print credits each semester.

How To Use Intelliprint
How To Use IPrint From Anywhere

Using IPrint from your personal laptop

To use IPrint, you need:

  • A computer with IPrint software installed
    Note: IPrint is already installed on lab computers
  • Your DePaul University student ID
  • Enough money on your Demon Express account

Installation Steps

You need to install IPrint on your personal computer before you can print. Installation of the IPrint application is nearly identical to both Mac and Windows computers. Installation steps:

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet then login to Campus Connect
  2. Main Menu
  3. Self Service
  4. Student Resources
  5. Student Software
  6. Select Windows or Mac depending on your computer
  7. IPrint from Anywhere
  8. Select the appropriate application:
  9. a. Windows: Loop_IprintFromAnywhere_64-bit.exe 
    b. Mac: Loop_IprintFromAnywhere.dmg 
  10. Download and Install the software.

To Print from your laptop: 

  1. Select the DePaul LOOP Convenience/IPFA printer
  2. Enter your Campus Connect user name
  3. Swipe card at the IPrint station located near the printer
  4. Select your printout.

After installing your printer:

  • Important: Make sure to print only the pages you need and check your document for blank pages.
  • Select the DePaul LOOP Convenience/IPFA printer from the Print option in your application.
  • Make any selections (pages to print, document copies, duplex printing, etc.)
  • Click Print
  • Visit the IPrint printer closest to you
  • swipe your student ID card at the print station
  • Select your printout from the list of printouts on the console.

To cancel a print job: simply leave it in the print server until it is automatically deleted at the end of its allotted time.


Black & white printing = $.08 per page
Color printing = $.50 per page

College of Law students are given $36 in free printing each semester.

You can add funds to your Demon Express account in one of several ways:

  • Log in to Campus Connection (
  • Self Service
  • University Services
  • Demon Express Online

Visit the Payment Center at the Loop Campus in DePaul Center 9100

Call the Payment Center at 773-325-4029.

Use a Value Transfer Station at one of the locations close to the College of Law:

  • Lewis 402, (Inside the Law library – 4th floor)
  • Student Center, 1st floor
  • DePaul Center 10015

There are 4 iPrint stations in the College of Law:
One iPrint station is on the 2nd floor
two stations are in the 5th floor lab in the Law library
one station is in the 7th floor lounge in Lewis building

Other iPrint stations close to the College of Law are located in the 14th floor Lewis lab,
in the 10th floor DePaul Center library, on the 11th floor DePaul Center, etc.​