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Classroom Support & Podium Guide

We provide direct support for classroom equipment. Use the classroom phone to contact the Law Tech Team in case of a technical emergency or issues with equipment.

Contact us at our offices in Lewis 313 - 315.
Call the helpdesk: 312-362-8765
Email us:

Standard Classroom Equipment:

  • Main A/V control unit
  • Audio selection system
  • Computer
  • Document reader
  • VHS/DVD player
  • Ceiling-mounted projector
  • Projection screen
  • Connection cable for laptops

See what equipment is in each classroom and take a virtual tour on our Classroom Equipment page.

Download the Classroom Podium User Guide


We provide training on demand. Group or one-on-one demo sessions on the use of classroom technology can be scheduled with us. Contact us at or call us from your classroom phone. ‚Äč