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Julie Campbell

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Julie L. Campbell is a health law attorney, certified healthcare compliance specialist, medical ethicist and medical-legal scholar. In her teaching and research, she views the health care system through an interdisciplinary lens, identifying problems that impact patient care and health outcomes, with a focus on how technological advances in medicine impact patient decision-making and the dying process. She also is passionate about correcting systemic errors that contribute to premature death. Her work on mandatory medical simulations recently appeared in Health Matrix: The Journal of Law-Medicine, and her article, “The Ethical Use of Observations Units: Empowering Physician Autonomy for Patient Placement Decisions,” is forthcoming in the University of Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy

Currently, Julie is a senior fellow with the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago and a health law consultant to the New York Times documentary series “New York Times Presents.” She also is an experienced litigator with a focus on representing physicians and health care institutions on contract matters, consulting on medical malpractice lawsuits and recently working within the American Medical Association’s Litigation Center. Julie has taught various health law courses for both DePaul and Loyola University Chicago. She received her BA and BS from Miami University, her JD with honors from Chicago-Kent and her LLM in Health Law from Loyola University Chicago.​