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Adjunct Faculty Spring 2016


​Richard Boonstra
Course: Legal Drafting: Real Estate Transactions

Steven Brandstedt
Course: LARC III

Chalet Braziel
Course: Moot Court: BLSA Trial Team

Mary Brosnahan
Course: Trial Advocacy I

Cindy Brown
Course: Trial Advocacy I

Vincent Browne
Course: LARC III

Patrick Bruks
Course: Mergers and Aquisitions

Shannon Burke
Course: Legal Drafting: Family Law

Michael Burns
Course: Legal Profession

Natalie Carlomango
Course: LARC III

Patrick Cassidy
Course: Legal Clinic II: Criminal Appeals

James Clark 
Course: Litigation Lab

Michael Clark
Course: Tax Exempt Organizations

Karen Conti
Course: Litigation Strategies: Pre-Trial Civil

Emily Czerniejewski 
Course: Moot Court: COL Trial Team

David D'Amato
Course: LARC II

Kelli Dudley
Course: Housing Law

William Dunn
Course: LARC III

Katheryn Dutenhaver 
Course: Dispute Resolution

Maureen Egan 
Course: LARC III

Katherine Faydash  
Course: Human Rights Practicum: Chiapas

Lawrence Friedman
Course: Customs Law

David Ganfield
Course: Legal Drafting: Transactions

Dean Gerber 
Course: International Aircraft Financing Law

Robert Gevirtz
Course: Legal Clinic II: Misdemeanor

Len Goodman
Course: Federal Criminal Law

Sharlyn Grace
Course: Restorative Justice

Christopher Grohman
Course: Legal Drafting: Criminal Law

Ajay Gupta 
Course: Corporate Taxation


Susan Haddad
Course: Legal Clinic II: Family Law

Maria Harrigan 
Course: Legal Clinic II: Advanced Criminal Appeals

Rachel Hodges-Spitsberg 
Course: Mediation

Lisa Huge
Course: LARC III

Tom Judge
Course: Human Rights Practicum: Chiapas

Susan Kennedy-Sullivan
Course: Elder Law

Brent Kidwell
Course: Electronic Discovery

Jordan Labkon
Course: International Aircraft Financing Law

Gil Lenz
Course: Legal Clinic II: Criminal Appeals

Steven Levy
Course: LARC III

Travis Life
Course: Entertainment Law

John Lilig 
Course: Legal Drafting: Civil Litigation

Lisa Lilly
Course: LARC III

Robert Loeb
Course: Litigation Strategy: Pre-Trial Criminal

Terrance MacCarthy
Course: Trial Advocacy II: Persuasive Communication

Robert Mauser
Course: Wills & Trusts

Tim McCarthy 
Course: Legal Clinic II: Tech. & Intellectual Property

Alan Mills
Course: Prison Law

Martha Mills
Course: Restorative Justice

Steve Moell
Course: Bar Passage Strategies

Ralph Morris 
Course: Legal Clinic II: Mediation as Advocate, Negotiations, Negotiations (second section)

Craig Mousin
Course: Asylum and Refugee Law and Policy

John Mulligan
Course: Public International Aviation Law & Policy

Brian Nach 
Course: Litigation Strategies: Pre-Trial Civil

Kevin Noonan
Course: Biotechnology Patent Strategies for the New Millennium


Ginger Odom
Advanced Criminal Procedure: Trial

Paul Olszowka
Anatomy of a Deal

Todd Pugh
Litigation Strategy: Pre-Trial Criminal​

Shankar Ramamurthy

Timo Rehbock
Anatomy of a Deal

Elliot Riebman
Bar Passage Strategies

Nicholas Rubino
Moot Court: COL Trial Team

Steve Sandler
Course: Aviation Product Liability Law

Joel Simberg
Trial Advocacy II: Litigation Technology

Theodore Thomas
Moot Court: BLSA Trial Team

Mario Ventrelli
Course: Marital Dissolution

Angelo Vignola
Derivatives for Attorneys

Elizabeth Ward
International Human Rights L. Practicum, Post Conflict Justice

Emily Winfield
Animal Law

Lisa Yokoyama
Trial Advocacy II​