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​Date: May 23 - June 14, 2022

The program offers two courses on the theory and practice of European law:
  • European Business & Commercial Law
    (3 credit hours)
  • This course will provide a solid overview of the fundamental institutions and legal norms regulating business transactions, including trade and investment, within the world’s second most powerful economic market, the European Union. Close attention will be paid to the legal issues that foreign companies, including American ones, must address when doing business in, or with, entities in the European Union. The course will examine the political and economic aspects of European history and culture that shape EU business and commercial law, and will challenge students to think critically about the complex legal dimensions of international business transactions in Europe.


  • European Human Rights Law
    (2 credit hours)
  • This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the world’s most advanced transnational human rights legal system: the European Union’s complex network of legal norms, institutions, and practices for the protection of human rights. Specifically, the course will focus on the European Covenant on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the European Court on Human Rights (often known as "the Strasbourg Court"), and the highly sophisticated jurisprudence on human rights that these institutions have developed over the past three decades, placing Europe squarely at the forefront of new developments in human rights law throughout the world. The course readings will span a number of decisions by the European Court of Human Rights on key human rights protections, and every class will feature at least one thorough discussion of a particularly salient human rights issue addressed by the Court.

    Text: Mark Janis, Richard Kay, Anthony Bradley, EUROPEAN HUMAN RIGHTS LAW, 3d ed. (2008)

Classes are conducted in English and meet in modern classrooms on campus.

ABA-Approved Credits: The program is accredited by the American Bar Association and participants earn five (5) credit hours upon successful completion of all required coursework. Acceptance of credit or grade for any course taken in the program is subject to determination by each student’s home school.

Students: To facilitate interaction between U.S. and European law students, a number of Universidad Pontifica Comillas students who are fluent in English participate in classes and extracurricular activities.


Applicants are encouraged to apply by April 1, but applications will be accepted on a space-available basis through April 15.